Create a learning network where anyone can join.

Let students and teachers collaborate with each other, other studies and people outside the campus. Unlock all ideas, knowledge and connections of your study by connecting them on Follio!

Unleash a wave of ideas, knowledge & new connections

A wealth of ideas, knowledge and connections is hidden behind the digital walls of your current learning system. Release your students and teachers from digital barriers. Give ideas, knowledge and connections the opportunity to be of value inside and outside the campus.

Studies without Follio

Great student work disappears in the archives and goes by unnoticed.
Knowledge, insights and connections of teachers remain unused.
Alumni and professionals stay out of reach of the study.
Potential students do not get a clear picture of the study program.

Studies with Follio

Great student work is collected in portfolios and rewarded with an audience.
Knowledge, insights and connections of teachers are visible and are put to use.
Alumni and professionals are an integral part of the learning network.
Potential students can see what students and teachers are working on.

Encourage dialogue and interaction

Explore people both in and outside your own study and start the conversation! Share links, images, videos or documents or respond to the messages of others. You are in control of who you follow and who can see your posts.

Create a flexible curriculum with public or private content

Take control of how you shape the curriculum of your study on Follio. Let students pick their own courses or invite them to participate. Showcase what your study has to offer with your own curriculum page.

Learn, work, or share knowledge with people inside and outside the campus

Create your own work or learn spaces and invite others to participate. Share progress, collaborate or give feedback. Invite people from your own study, other studies or outside the campus! It's up to you who has access to your work or learn space.

Showcase the best work of your study

While you communicate with others, Follio automatically creates a portfolio for you. Choose what you show publicly and what you want to keep private. Studies can feature beautiful and interesting posts on their own site. This way, people inside and outside the campus experience the value of your study.

Getting started with your minor or study?

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